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At Neurology Solutions® weare committed to advancing well being and serving as your trusted partner, in achieving healthcare outcomes.

Our Evolution

Neurology Solutions® was established to enhance neurological care in Saudi Arabia by addressing the need for specialized neurologists, effective operational frameworks, skilled technicians, and advanced technology, in line with Saudi 2030 vision and rising healthcare expectations.

About Us

Our goal is to empower healthcare facilities

Welcome to Neurology Solutions®, where we bring together knowledge and compassionate care. As a leading provider of neurology services we specialize in providing professionals and cutting edge equipment to hospitals empowering them to efficiently manage their neuroscience departments. Our dedication, to excellence is evident in every aspect of our services from operations to patient care. At Neurology Solutions® we are committed to advancing well being and serving as your trusted partner, in achieving healthcare outcomes. Join us on this journey where expertise, technology and empathy come together for the patient results

Our Services

What We Offer

Medical Operations

We offer comprehensive operational services for neurology departments. This includes the management of stroke units, epilepsy monitoring units (EMUs), as well as providing EEG and IOM services.

Professional Development and Training

Custom training and workshops to enhance healthcare professionals' skills in neurology.

Operational Consultations

Consultations for setting up neurology departments, stroke units, epilepsy monitoring units, and policy development.

Healthcare Consultations

Analysis and strategic planning services for healthcare operational and developmental improvements.

Stroke Services

Our stroke services cover a complete range of care, staffed by a specialized team available 24/7 for on-call emergencies. This includes advanced stroke interventions, such as thrombectomy, ensuring prompt and effective treatment.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)

We operate a dedicated EMU service led by a team of skilled epileptologists, neurophysiology technologists, and specially trained nurses. This team focuses on delivering exceptional care and accurate monitoring for epilepsy patients.

Trusted Over 9+ Partners in Saudi Arabia

Our Vision

Our Vision

Pioneering in providing operational, training, and consultative healthcare services in the field of neuroscience in Saudi Arabia and GCC region

Our Mission

As a leading provider of neuroscience services our dedication extends beyond expertise to actively contribute to Saudi Arabia’s vision of a knowledge based economy.

Our Promise

To elevate neurological healthcare, fostering a healthier and more empowered future for individuals and communities

Why Choose Us

Our Values

Neurology Solutions ® thrives to set the standards of excellence by impacting patient outcomes, advancing research and making substantial contributions towards shaping a healthier and more advanced society.


Our Goals

Build Institutional Work System

Develop strategy, governance, and organizational plans. Establish policy guidelines for streamlined operations

Enhancing Patient Experience

Implement initiatives to improve overall patient experience

Operational and Developmental Studies

Provide studies and consultations for healthcare sector

Expansion and Alignment

Alignment: Expand projects and programs in line with the National Health Transformation Program and Saudi Vision 2030

Medical Operations Excellence

Ensure safe, high-quality healthcare with a focus on patient safety.

We are the premier partner for healthcare facilities seeking excellence in neurological care