Our Services

Medical Operations

At the heart of our operations lies the management and supervision This involves diagnosis and management of neurological disorders. Our company ensures functioning throughout the patient care journey. Optimizing medical operations to provide efficient and effective healthcare services.

Full operation of Neurology Departments

Manage and optimize the entire functioning of neurology departments ensuring delivering excellent patient care.

Electroencephalogram (EEG)

Deliver EEG services to accurately monitor brain activity aiding in the diagnosis of conditions and effectively guiding treatment plans.

Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM)

Perform time monitoring, during surgeries improving surgical accuracy and enhancing patient safety.

Stroke Services

Our stroke services cover a complete range of care, staffed by a specialized team available 24/7 for on-call emergencies. This includes advanced stroke interventions, such as thrombectomy, ensuring prompt and effective treatment.

Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)

We operate a dedicated EMU service led by a team of skilled epileptologists, neurophysiology technologists, and specially trained nurses. This team focuses on delivering exceptional care and accurate monitoring for epilepsy patients.

Providing Specialized Staff

Provide neurology professionals who possess expertise in diagnostics, treatment and patient care to ensure optimal departmental performance.

Consultations and Studies (Operational Consultations)

We provide specialized consultations and operational studies for Healthcare facilities planning to establish neurology related departments. Additionally we actively engage in research studies and collaborations to contribute to the advancement of neuroscience. We offer solutions based on cutting edge scientific discoveries and medical innovations.

Establishing Departments

We provide expert guidance in setting up neuroscience departments ensuring that proper infrastructure, staffing and equipment needed for comprehensive patient care.

Establishing Stroke Units

We offer support, in
creating stroke units that
are equipped with state
of the art technology,
skilled staff and efficient
protocols to effectively
manage strokes.

Establishing Epilepsy Monitoring Units (EMUs)

Consultation on establishing epilepsy monitoring units that are equipped with cutting edge equipment and trained staff.

Policy and Procedure Development

We customize the development of policies and procedures that align with industry standards. Our aim is to optimize efficiency and ensure compliance with requirements.

Consultations and Studies (Healthcare Consultations)

Our thorough healthcare consultations focus on improving hospital procedures developing strategies and introducing solutions. We aim to streamline workflows, resources and align services, with current industry practices to ensure long term success. Our primary goal is to enhance the delivery of healthcare services and promote excellence, in care.

Healthcare Operational Studies

Perform analysis of healthcare operations to identify opportunities, for enhancing efficiency optimizing resource utilization and improving patient care delivery.

Healthcare Developmental Studies

Assess and suggest initiatives that emphasize the adoption of cutting edge technologies improving outcomes and optimizing the overall delivery of healthcare services.

Healthcare Strategic Studies

Formulate plans that align with industry trends to ensure healthcare facilities are well positioned for long term success and capable of adapting to evolving healthcare landscapes.

Professional Development and Training

Our company specializes in enhancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals working in the field of neuroscience. We achieve this through customized training programs, workshops and ongoing education initiatives. Our primary goal is to ensure that healthcare providers are, up to date with the advancements in neuroscience.

Specialized Workshops

We provide and organize workshops designed for healthcare professionals,
focused on skill development through hands-on learning of specialized techniques.

Specialized Courses

Our comprehensive courses aim to enhance professionals expertise in targeted areas such, as neuroimaging, surgical methodologies and advanced neurology domains.

Healthcare Development

Dedicated to advancing the healthcare sector through targeted courses and initiatives for continual improvement for healthcare providers.